More tips for July

The movie night was a big success. We had about 40 people attending, good conversations, excellent food,  and got to know each other a bit better. We’ll write a proper review and put some photos up too. Excellent experience in community building and lots of fun too.

Today we would like to share some good tips that allow you to make simple but significant changes in your life today with our cost, just by showing commitment. You can still sign up for Plastic Free July. Also, check out the Useful Book from Mindarie Regional Council for excellent ideas. It’s available here.

Two tips deserve a special mention today

1. Cleaning with natural products
You are missing an important step to good health
if you continued to use toxic chemicals to clean your house. Chemicals
used to clean our windows, floors, furniture, carpets, and clothing are
tampering with our bodies. Even our babies’ bottles can be full of
chemicals that are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors. 6 alternative cleaning products in your house can create the same results with a bit of elbow grease: baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and olive oil. Sugar soap is another good one.

2. Cycle in a skirt or ‘penny in yo pants’

Our last suggestion today related to getting more people on bikes. Especially women find their dress choice limited when wanting to go out by bike. This simple solution allows you to cycle in a skirt with the help of a coin and a rubber band..

Join us in our exciting transition journey. Make small changes to the better all the time and just do it. Also please tell your friends and forward this blog to them, so they can sign up on our website.

Preparing for Plastic Free July and events in June

Transition Town Mount Hawthorn is excited about having received an environment grant from the City of Vincent. We want to reduce waste in the City by printing and distributing ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers to local letter boxes with the aim of less advertising material to fill our bins. A big thank you to the City of Vincent. Also watch this space for an update about the project.

Our next event will be on Thursday 3 July. We will show the movie Bag It during Plastic Free July. The challenge for Plastic Free July is to not use any single use plastic during the month of July. Find out more here Please watch this video to get you inspired.
This is a hard challenge, but not as hard as you may think. Discuss the challenge with your family and come on board. Transition Town Mount Hawthorn has already signed up and there will be more posts around this subject. Transition Town Guildford ran a similar project in 2012.

We are currently working on developing a digital strategy.  If you would like to become involved and have special skills which might be useful, please contact us at

What’s Happening in Mt Hawthorn in June?

Sunday 8 June: The Mt Hawthorn Hub will be
at Auskick at Menzies Park from 9-11am running an engagement session for the community. We encourage all mount Hawthorn residents to attend and have your say.

Find details of other events in the City of Vincent here:

May is Compost Month – more events

The movie night for the film DIRT! was a big success.We had more than 30 adults and children attend and the format worked well. Behrooz opened the night with an acknowledgement of country in Noongar language.

We then set the scene with a compost quiz. The questions were developed and answers provided by Barb Frey from Transition Town Guildford.

The content of the quiz went into how much food waste a chook could eat (up to 150kg per year), whether you need special equipment for composting (no) and how long an earth worm lives (on average 2 years, but up to 6). It was fun. Winner of the quiz was Lisa. Her price was a pot plant which she kindly donated to another participant for use at her kindergarten. Most of us went home invigorated and inspired, keen to try composting at our own place.

If you missed the full movie, attend the next screening of DIRT! by Transition Town Victoria Park. It’s on Monday 26 May at the East Victoria Park Art Centre, more details here.

If you want to learn more about composting please participate at the upcoming events by the Mindarie Regional Council. Learn about composting on Sunday 25 May 2014 at the East Perth Community Garden from 10-12noon. More details here:

Interesting next events are as follows:

  • Friday 23 May, closing date for comments to the City of Vincent Bike Network Plan, Vincent/Bulwer St Section. More info here.
  • Saturday 24 May, from 10:30-12noon – Kitchen Gardener Action Group: Sharing Knowledge about compost, soil and seedlings. Location: 148 Anzac Road, Mt Hawthorn. Please RSVP to Irma 0466 640 455.
  • Sunday 25 May, from 1:30-4pm, Compost Street Party (with compost cake)- displays and on location demos, at 26 Blencowe St, West Leederville. No RSVP required. More info on flyer here. This event is organised by the Mindarie Regional Council.
  • Monday 26 May, from  6:30 for 7pm start, Movie DIRT, screening at Victoria Park Art Centre, 12 Kent Street, East Vic Park, organised by Transition Town Victoria Park Network.
  • Thursday  29 May, from 4:30-6pm – Organic Waste Action Group: Worm Farming 101. Location: Joondanna Community Food Garden, corner of Wade Street and Stoneham Street, Joondanna. Please RSVP to Kim 0458 202 270.
  • Friday 30 May, commencement of community consultation to City of Vincent Bike Network Plan, Oxford St/Scarborough Beach Rd Section.  Ends on 20 June. More info here.
  • Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June, Yarns of the Heart – Noongar Doll Making Workshop at the Bodhi Tree, corner Oxford St and Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn from 11-3pm, light lunch and refreshments provided. Get in quickly, only 20 places. Free event. RSVP required. Organised by City of Vincent. More info here.

Plans for 2014

Our first event was an informal pop-up movie night in late March at a lane near Kalgoorlie Street which was attended by about 30 people, including a dozen children. All participants brought their own chairs but the best spots on two mattresses in front of the screen were occupied quickly by the younger folks, who even made some popcorn for the event.

The movie Bag It was well received. In this touching and often flat-out-funny film, we followed “everyman” Jeb Berrier as he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves into a wholesale investigation into plastic and its effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our own bodies. We see how our crazy for plastic world has finally caught up to us and what we can do about it. Today. Right now.

The film was actually quite devastating but ended with an uplifting, inspiring touch. The film affirmed out commitment: we will create less waste and no longer accept the use of one way thin plastics.

At our last meeting we spoke about possible projects and plans for 2014 which can be summarised as follows to guide our future activities:

  1. Skill share – learning to do things from within the community, such as learn to sow and mend clothes, make bread and joghurt, sharing expertise in the group for Mt Hawthorn residents
  2. Urban food and produce share –  sharing excess produce with neighbours, local trading of vegetables and fruit, growing food, sharing tips about soil improvement, seed sharing, information about permaculture, waste reduction, composting, green waste, establishing a community garden, aquaponic, bulk container farming, worm farms,
  3. Improve local environment –  sustainable streetscapes, native verges, public verges as model gardens, improving space for local fauna, such as tadpoles,  frogs
  4. Waste –  reduction,  upcycle, recycle, reduce rubbish, organic waste to fertiliser, to print and sistribute more stickers ‘ no advertising materials’
  5. Green community events –  movie nights, games afternoons, involve the whole family, street parties, bringing local people together, fostering a sense of community, pop-up movie nights
  6. Urban Chook Network that connects chicken owners with food scrap producers.

Good ideas raised at this and previous meetings:

  • to create a google map with Mt Hawthorn points of interest including fruit trees on street, labels for points of interests, use of liquid nails, possible basis for urban orienteering, eco-caching;
  • to establish a community garden at Anzac Cottage;
  • to hang baskets with excess produce off street trees. This would be a simple way to trade local produce between neighbours on an honours basis;
  • to erect a notice board in Mt Hawthorn that contains information about TT Mt Hawthorn, upcoming events and background info. This aims to connect people without internet, such as the elderly; and
  • to find out what other community groups are active in Mt Hawthorn.

 Good links:

Transition Town Mount Hawthorn will pursue these ideas through action groups, grant applications and collaboration. Please get in touch if you are interested.

The next meeting is proposed for Sunday 13 April from 6pm at 36 Matlock Street in Mt Hawthorn.
Please rsvp to

Sharing good ideas

Transition Town Mt Hawthorn is part of a bigger network of Transition Towns (TT) around the world and as well in Western Australia. On 1 April we enjoyed meeting representatives from other transition town movements in the metropolitan area, sharing stories about our journey and inspiring each other with ideas and experiences.

The Transition Town movement is growing stronger in WA every day. Check out the TT Guildford website for contact details of the TT groups in WA, including Mundaring, Kwinana, Stirling, Victoria Park, Guildford and Mt Hawthorn.
During the meeting we enjoyed vegetarian food at Annalakshmi, overlooking the beautiful Swan River.

Sharing good ideas and simple tricks that can easily be implemented in your daily life right away is one of the ways how transition two movements make a difference. Today we would like to share a simple but compelling proposal to reduce food waste in your fridge.

Pop Up movie night (27 March) and other events

Our first Pop-Up Movie will be shown today on 27 March, from 6:30 at the lane east off 36  Matlock Street  in Mt Hawthorn. Bring your own chairs and excess produce from your garden if you have any. Great movie about plastic that documents the journey of one guy who made a difference in his local community. View the trailer here.

Upcoming events:

The next City of Vincent
Local Native Plant Sale will be on Sat 19 April from 8am to 11am, at the City of Vincent Leederville Administration Centre.

The City of Vincent is also running the
Adopt a Verge Program where they perform the earthworks, supply
and spread the mulch and give a voucher for twenty local native plants
to people who want to change their verge to local natives. I can send
our application to anyone who wants to use it
as a template.

The next Kings Park Native Plants Sale is on 18 May.

We hope to see you tonight.

Transition Town Mount Hawthorn – up to an inspiring start

A big thank you goes our to our friends from Transition Town Guildford for spreading the good news about our inaugural meeting. Transition Town Mt Hawthorn was born in late February and up to now people met twice.

This blog will share stories, ideas, resources and projects relating to our journey. If you would like to become part of this learning, send an email to Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list via this blog. Please send us your good ideas and useful knowledge, share the stories of your own learning, and feel free to send us any useful events to the same email address.

The Transition Town movement is dedicated to cultivating a strongly connected community and a healthy environment. We are proud to be part of this international network that supports community-led responses 
to climate change
and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and

To bridge the time until our next meeting on Sunday 9 March please watch the Transition Town 2.0 movie here for free. Be prepared to be inspired and send us an email to
if you want to find out more or would like to get involved.