Tool library and Library of things

The Tool Library and Library of Things is a new initiative from Transition Town Vincent that is seed-funded by Phil Brown winning the Vincent Community SOUP 2019 micro-grant.

The project is in the planning and development stage, so watch this space.  If you would like to help in establishing or running the library, please email

What is a Tool Library and a Library of Things?

A library that lends to its subscribers, for a fixed period tools, of all sorts from a broom to an engine lift, covering many aspects of life from building, gardening, engineering, cooking - camping, domestic and play.

Why have a Tool Library and a Library of Things?

We don't need to own everything we use especially if we only use then occasionally. Many tools are purchased and only used for a few minutes every year.

Less things means less use of the Earths resources and greater sustainability. Domestic storage space is mostly always in short supply and at a premium. 

With a library, many persons have access to the tools at little cost.

The library can become a community Hub where knowledge of Tools and their usage can be shared and ideas spawned for community projects such as tidy ups of public environment.

Support could be given to community housing self builds. It is another place from which community can grow.

Who is going to use a Tool Library?

Women and men who want to tackle jobs themselves. Supportive instruction can be given and new skills learnt.

First time home owners and those who live in high density housing where space and money may be short.

Those who want to and need to acknowledge that consumerism is not good for the planet.

Those who value a more community and cooperative focused way of  life rather than individualism.

Those persons who have a collection of  tools who are downsizing or who no longer using tools but who want occasional access to tools.

Basic finance

Tools and items for the library are donated or purchased out right.

Most members of the library will pay a subscription.

There is a reduction in subscription for those who have donated items to the library or other categories.

Library staff are initially all volunteers and the Library would open two evenings a week and one half day of a weekend.

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