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Transition Town Vincent (TTV) is run on a completely volunteer basis. None of the people that contribute to TTV receives wages or any ongoing payments for their participation in the organisation. We pride ourselves on the labour of love and a passion for transitioning to a more sustainable future. We are able to receive grants for specific initiatives and activities that we undertake, however, most of the ongoing costs are paid by generous donations our patrons give on movie nights, buying raffle tickets at events and are borne by the active members of the TTV team.

This is why we are giving an opportunity for generous people like you to assist us. Your donation will both help promote and make a positive change in the City of Vincent in order to make our community more sustainable for current and future generations.

How your donation will help TTV:

  • Ongoing TTV expenses such as insurance, financial and compliance fees;
  • Promotional activities such as our website, video production, stickers, flyers;
  • Current and future projects;
  • Other TTV expenses;
  • Costs related to venues; and
  • Better resourced, more frequent community events.

Support sustainability now!

Please note, that these donations are allocated at the sole discretion of TTV. The person or organisation who donates cannot put requirements on how these donations are used.

We may contact you (or feel free to contact us) about featuring you on our website as a donor. We would very much like to advertise your support for sustainable living.

Donations for specific activities, events & initiatives

If you wish to propose a project or donate to a specific activity please contact TTV so that we can discuss your requirements further.

Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)

You can also donate the money from your CDS recycling using TTV’s code: C10330690 or the QR code below.

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