No Junk Mail Signs

No Junk Mail Signs

A brief history These “No Junk Mail” stickers are a frequent sight on letterboxes in the City of Vincent and  are part of Transition Town Vincent’s genesis story. It all began with Lisa and Geoff. They decided to make their local community more sustainable by reducing waste. So they paid for the signs to be …

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Glass half-full

It is said that optimists see the above as half-full and pessimists see it as half-empty. It is the opposite when it comes to my journey into living a sustainable life. I see that my half-empty green-lid landfill bin as a sign of optimism. Actually, my green-lid bin is not quite half empty.  Most weeks, …

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Community Composting Station

Do you want to compost your kitchen scraps but don’t have the time, equipment, skills or inclination to do it yourself? Maybe you’d like to do your bit for the environment and remove the organics from your bin that is destined for landfill (in landfill, the organics break down to methane gas, which is a …

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Living on the verge!

Have you ever noticed the lovely front verges in your neighbourhood which have been converted from grass to native trees or shrubs? They definitely stand out amongst the usual grass front verges and it had always been my dream to have one of those beautiful spaces at the front of my home. Last month I …

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Garbage Warrior – Where to source materials and information

                                                       Garbage Warrior – Where to source materials & information Orientation – face the home north (in the southern hemisphere). http://www.yourhome.gov.au/passive-design/orientation Recyclers – metal – http://www.ausmetals.com.au/metal-recycling/scrap-metal-merchant.html http://www.perthmetalrecyclers.com.au/      Tyres – http://www.tyrerecyclerswa.com.au/ http://www.elanem.com/ Brickworks – off cuts  http://www.midlandbrick.com.au/home.asp http://brikmakers.com/   Eco-bricks http://www.ecobricks.org/                …

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No Impact Man-stepping lightly on the planet top ten tips

                                                                                                  1. Skills share. Get to know your neighbours and get to know their skills. Swap the skills you have with neighbours. Teach others the skills you have, eg. Woodworking, metal working, electrical, mechanical, cooking, computer, sewing and gardening. Find ideas here: https://www.skillshare.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Skillshare   2. Food. Grow as much of your own food …

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Single Use Plastic Top 10 tips

                                                          Single Use Plastic Top 10 tips 1. Take your own reusable bags to the shops. Bags made from cloth such as hemp and cotton can be washed.  Buy here: https://www.onyalife.com/product/reusable-produce-bag-8pack/ http://www.biome.com.au/302-onya-weigh-bags http://www.envirohouse.org.au/about-our-ecoshop                     2. Recycle your plastic wrappers and bags at Coles. Plastic wrappers and bags can be deposited at Coles stores for …

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