Vincent Community Kitchen

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Vincent Community Kitchen

Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP 2018 winning project idea

Theresa’s Vincent Community Kitchen idea won a huge $1,060 in funding after it was voted as the most popular project idea at our Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP micro-grant event in 2018.

So just what is the Vincent Community Kitchen?

“We are building community while saving food from landfill. We invite local business to donate vegetarian ingredients which are bruised, wonky, over ripe or just plain surplus. Then we get together to chat and chop, learn and laugh, teach and taste. And share a communal feast!”

This wonderful community event is held on the second Sunday of every month. Join them to cook from 3pm or just to eat at 6pm (by donation).

Theresa shares her project’s progress below.

“The Vincent Community Kitchen has grown beyond my expectations since I first pitched the idea at the 2018 SOUP Night. Over the past year a whole community has been created around the Vincent Community Kitchen. This project has connected people across generations and cultural groups and encouraged them to get to know one another and work together to create delicious, healthy food.

Our first community kitchen event was held in November 2018 at the North Perth Town Hall. Nearly 30 people came along to this event, where over the course of 3 hours we all cooked and ate some amazing food. We have continued the project into 2019 and have held one event each month this year. We average about 30 volunteers coming along to cook each month, and then a total of about 60 sitting down to eat the food we’ve all made. Most of our produce donations have come from stallholders at the Stirling Farmers Market, including Tedesco Growers and Jamie from SupaFresh. We also get donations from Dejaxo Bakery, North Perth Growers Market and Mt Hawthorn Fresh. We rescue at least 100kg of produce each month, meaning that as of May 2019 we have saved over 600kg of food and created over 350 healthy meals for the community.

We used the $1060 we received from the SOUP night to purchase all the equipment and pantry staples we use at our monthly events. Additionally, we paid for the fees of hiring the North Perth Town Hall for our first two events.

One obstacle we faced was the occupational health and safety side of getting a project like this off the ground. In the end we formed a partnership with Befriend who have provided us with Public Liability Insurance. Since partnering with Befriend we’ve had many people from the Befriend community become regulars at our monthly events. These include some people with physical or mental disabilities. What we’ve found at our events is that everyone is able to find a way to help according to what they can and want to do. This way everyone feels welcome and has a sense of ownership over the event. This was one of the things that I did not anticipate occurring and I was really pleased with. 

In the future I am hoping to help other communities establish more Community Kitchens. I have spoken to many people at our past events who have all been inspired by the project and think it would work well in their local area. I always tell them that I’m happy to help them make that a reality and that they are welcome to borrow all of the equipment we purchased with the SOUP night money. We hope to continue the Vincent Community Kitchen for many months to come and want to thank everyone who voted for this idea at the previous SOUP night.”

Theresa on stage presenting the idea of Vincent Community Kitchen to a larger group of people.

Transition Town Vincent is proud to have helped fund the Vincent Community Kitchen through our micro-grant event. Well done to Theresa and her team!

Do you have an idea for a project that would benefit Vincent?
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Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP 2019 will be back on Sunday 18th August 1pm at Pirate Bar. Pitch your idea! Submit your idea here

Or just come along and support your local community by donating $10, eating a free bowl of soup, and voting for your favourite idea. Attend Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP 2019

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