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Vincent Neighbourhood Soup – Boomerang Bags Foyer Oxford

Bronwyn’s Boomerang Bags @ Foyer Oxford was voted to receive funding at the inaugural Vincent Neighbourhood Soup in 2017.

Bronwyn pitching Boomerang Bags Foyer Oxford at Vincent Neighbourhood Soup 2017
Bronwyn pitching Boomerang Bags Foyer Oxford

She shares her project’s progress below.

Boomerang Bags is going well.

We have made approximately 100 bags. This may seem like not many but all of the people making bags hadn’t touched a sewing machine before so it has been a big learning curve.

With the bags we were able to put up a string of bags for Light Up Leederville to help promote boomerang bags. We also have a stand in Foyer Oxford with bags for residents/staff/volunteers to take when heading to IGA to grocery shop. Foyer can have up to 95 people living within the building plus all staff throughout the day so I would average about 150 minimum people having access to the bags per day.

We have had a few obstacles to overcome, the biggest one is the reliability of our boomerang bag team. It has been very hit and miss on whether residents come to the sewing bees. The other challenge we have had is the time it takes to complete a bag. Because of this we have decided to keep the bags within Foyer currently as we would not be able to maintain upkeep if opening it to the general public.

One of the successes I did not anticipate was the conversations engaged in during the sewing bees. There have been in-depth discussions on how to create less waste, become plastic free and the importance of getting rid of plastic bags.

We actually still have a good portion of the funds for on-going needs for Boomerang bags. We have used the funds to buy an overlocker, calico for the logo for boomerang bags, a screen printer and paint and the hat stand for their display.

Transition Town Vincent is proud to have helped fund the Boomerang Bags @ Foyer Oxford project.

If you have a project or an idea to improve the City of Vincent community, Vincent Neighbourhood Soup 2018 will be on Tuesday 31st July.

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