No Junk Mail Signs

No Junk Mail Signs

A brief history

These “No Junk Mail” stickers are a frequent sight on letterboxes in the City of Vincent and  are part of Transition Town Vincent’s genesis story.

It all began with Lisa and Geoff.

They decided to make their local community more sustainable by reducing waste.

So they paid for the signs to be made and distributed them to neighbours.

Kim and Irma, who similarly wanted a more environmentally sensitive neighbourhood, met with Lisa and Geoff, and thus began our community group.

Symbol of our group

We actually began as Transition Town Mt Hawthorn but as our members came from all parts of the City of Vincent, we became Transition Town Vincent as part of our incorporation in 2016.

In preparation for Celebrate Transition Town Vincent (our “great unleashing”) in September 2017, we designed a new logo.

We spent months thinking of what image would represent our group when Gabby suggested to use the iconic shape of the No Junk Mail sign.

A hand holding a Transition Town Vincent No Junk Mail sticker

So, we have gone full circle – we ended up having a logo based on where the group started.

Get a No Junk Mail Sticker

Transition Town Vincent has since had three more batches of these signs made.

You can get a No Junk Mail sign from:

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