Community Composting Station

Do you want to compost your kitchen scraps but don’t have the time, equipment, skills or inclination to do it yourself?

Maybe you’d like to do your bit for the environment and remove the organics from your bin that is destined for landfill (in landfill, the organics break down to methane gas, which is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions).

The Community Compost Station has been set up to take local kitchen scraps and turn them into compost.

A sign in the foreground, dome holding bin in mid-ground and a storage shed in the background.

It is run by volunteers from Transition Town Vincent, with full support from the City of Vincent.

The Community Compost Station (located beside the Floreat Athena Football Club at Britannia Park) is open to accept your kitchen scraps in 3 easy steps:

  1. Save up your kitchen scraps (hint: keep them in a container in the fridge so they don’t get smelly).
  2. When your container is full, drop your scraps to the Compost Station (while you’re there, turn the compost tumblers to help keep the composting waste aerated – this aids the composting process)
  3. Join our Facebook Group, and we will let you know when a batch of compost is ready (so you can come and help yourself to this wonderful free garden resource).

Handful of compost

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