“PlanEAT” – Movie Night

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After watching the movie PlanEAT on Oct 11, 2017 the guest speaker Kara O’Halloran shared her passion for raw food by demonstrating some delicious recipes that you can take home to use. Kara is from Taranaki in NZ where she was a Health and PE teacher for 9yrs. In 2010 she suffered from ill health which could not be explained. This is when she turned to the support of a naturopath and a high raw food diet to support her wellness journey. In 2011 she moved to Perth and pursued her passion of becoming a raw food coach. She loved making raw food so much she has made it her full time job for almost 3yrs by becoming the owner/operator of Kara Naki- a permanent stall in the Fremantle markets that specialises in plant-based meals, snacks and drinks.

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