Boomerang Bags at The Mezz, Mt Hawthorn

Kimberley launched the Transition Town Vincent Boomerang Bags project at Quality Picked Produce, The Mezz, Mt Hawthorn.

The goal of the project is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags within the community by providing a free, convenient alternative.

The Boomerang Bag stand is intended to be used like a library; shoppers at Hawaiian’s Mezz are encouraged to borrow a cloth Boomerang Bag instead of using plastic, and bring it back next time they visit the shops. As a reminder, each bag is printed with the “Borrow and Bring Back” logo.

City of Vincent Mayor, Emma Cole, pointed out that the launch was timely given that single-use plastic bags will be banned in Western Australia in mid-2018.

Thanks to:

  • The City of Vincent, who awarded an Environmental Grant to TTV in May 2017 for the Boomerang Bag Project.
  • The local community have been very supportive of the TTV Boomerang Bag project and so far, over 40 community members have contributed more than 250 volunteer hours to the project in screen printing, ironing and sewing.

If you’d like to hear more about TTV Boomerang Bags, please join the Facebook Group.

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