Transitioning to Transition Town Vincent

I’ve been trying to live a sustainable lifestyle.

It frustrated me that I couldn’t find a way to share my interests.

I heard about a new community group in my local area. The email said the group was about supporting sustainability in the Mt Hawthorn.

Curiosity piqued, I turned up at a nearby house.  There I was greeted by a small group of people and had an invigorating evening of conversation and laughter.



We talked about what each other was doing to live sustainably and importantly, about how to promote sustainability in our local community.

Three years ago, I joined Transition Town Mt Hawthorn (TTMH).

I’ve participated in diverse activities – from blogging, training, producing videos and manning TTMH stalls at street festivals.


From the group I’ve learnt about native plants (although my own attempts at a native verge have had setbacks), composting, waste reduction, community and vegetable gardening.


I’ve grown – from manning stalls, I’m now confident in talking to people I’ve just met and by training others how to use online tools, I’ve developed my training skills.

The group has also grown over that time.  Sometimes we’ve shrunk to a handful of members but as I write this, we have fifteen.

And yes, in this case, size does matter.  More people equals more ideas, more energy and more capability.  We do more.


And now, Transition Town Mt Hawthorn is itself transitioning.

We’ve become incorporated and as people who live outside Mt Hawthorn joined, we’ve grown out of being suburb-based.

We are now Transition Town Vincent.

The changes reflect that our:

  • members live and want to improve their local suburbs, and

  • group works with our local government – the City of Vincent.

What hasn’t changed is the creativity, camaraderie and energy.

Come join us as Transition Town Vincent continues transitioning.

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