No Impact Man-stepping lightly on the planet top ten tips



Skills share. Get to know your neighbours and get to know their skills. Swap
the skills you have with neighbours. Teach others the skills you have, eg. Woodworking,
metal working, electrical, mechanical, cooking, computer, sewing and gardening.
Find ideas here:

2. Food. Grow as much of your own food as you
can. Swap with neighbours excess produce. Join a community garden if you don’t
have enough space to grow your own food. Find ideas here:


3. Go vegetarian, or reduce
your meat/dairy consumption. Try raw food.  Find ideas here:


4. Compost your food waste.
Have a worm farm. Consider chickens. Find ideas here:  


5. Buy energy-efficient and
water efficient appliances, well-built, quality items that can be repaired.
Find tested products here: 


7. Use chemical free cleaning products, or make
your own from household items. Find ideas here:


8. Transport – cycle, walk,
catch public transport or car pool. Support local businesses that are close to
home such as farmer’s markets. Find ideas here: 




10. Junk mail. Have a ‘no junk mail’ sign on the
letterbox. Ask to be taken off mailing lists. Cancel telephone book deliveries,
newspapers and magazines. Find ideas here:


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