Single Use Plastic Top 10 tips


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Single Use Plastic Top 10 tips
1. Take your own reusable bags to the shops. Bags made from cloth such as hemp and cotton can be washed.  Buy here:
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2. Recycle your plastic wrappers and bags at Coles. Plastic wrappers and bags can be deposited at Coles stores for recycling.
Your nearest Coles store:
3. Take a cardboard box to the fruit and vegetable store to carry your food. Reuse it. Take reusable bags for fruit/vegies. Ask the grocery store for an empty box.
4.Take a reusable mug/cup to the coffee/juice shop. Coffee cup lid – request no lid. Buy here:
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5. Take a reusable straw made from glass or metal when you buy a drink.  Buy here:
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6. Find an alternative to cling-wrap. Instead of cling-wrap – use glass containers, or items such as a Tupperware lunchbox to carry sandwiches and food items. Use alfoil as last resort (recyclable).
Make your wrap from beeswax cotton.   Buy here:
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7.  Bring your own cutlery and plate. Take your own metal cutlery and plate when having a picnic or eating at an outdoor event where plastic cutlery is handed out. Buy here:
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8. Use a reusable drink bottle made from metal. Buy here:
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9. Avoid products with plastic microbeads (found in personal care products), there are phone apps. and sites such as this one which list products that are free from microbeads. This site lists products that contain microbeads.
10. Use newspaper to line your bin.
Keep your free community newspaper or buy another newspaper.
For more information, visit this website which has 100 steps to become plastic free.
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