No shampoo – washing hair with egg yolk

As a shameless pessimist, I honestly didn’t think that washing my hair with egg yolk instead of shampoo would work. But I gave it a try, not because natural materials are necessarily any better than ‘synthetic’ ones – I’d rather put sulphates on my hair than poison ivy – but because I don’t understand what those ingredients in the shampoo bottle are, but I do understand what egg is. Also, it seems weird to constantly strip the oils your body is producing for your scalp (with shampoo) and then replace it with other ones (conditioner). I was initially going to try baking soda and vinegar, but as with many ‘natural’ materials, there are some problems with using these – drying out your hair is one issue that has been reported. To be frank, the reason I went with egg is because I couldn’t find any negative issues associated with using it on the internet – despite the fact that the interwebs is the single biggest repository of crap (as well as treasure) in human history. Not a particularly wise or considered decision, but I was only using traditional shampoo and conditioner because I always had. As it happens, I got lucky – the egg worked.

It worked really well and I’m still using it after a few months. My hair is great – no problems at all. The secret seems to be: only use the yolk of the egg and mix it with water to dilute it. There are all sorts of recipes on the www, but I reckon, keep it simple. Crack an egg into a cup, separate the yolk and add a little tap water (a little more than the amount of egg yolk) and mix it up with a fork. Wet your hair in the shower and pour a little bit into your hand at a time to disperse around your scalp. Rub it in a bit for a minute, like you’re lathering shampoo, although it won’t bubble like shampoo does and then rinse out. I haven’t needed any conditioner at all. I just blow dry my hair afterward and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t smell at all and doesn’t cook in the water as long as you don’t use the egg white. I have warm, but not hot showers and don’t have a problem, although I wouldn’t recommend having a really hot shower when you do it, in case the heat affects the yolk.

As far as I can surmise from my amateur searching on-the-line, the egg yolk works as a shampoo because it is an emulsifier – in that it helps oil/fat and water stick together like in mayonnaise, which means that the yolk can pick up the grease in your hair and bind it to the water, which is then rinsed out. I’m no expert though, so don’t take my word for it – I wash my hair with raw egg, so how bright can I be, really?

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