Let’s start a native gardener’s network!

Blog by Lisa

Geoff, Gabby and I are keen to start a native gardener’s network in our local area! We hope to:

  • get other native gardeners together for drinks in the garden
  • set up a buddy system, where experienced native gardeners can help people that are just getting started
  • arrange some walking tours with morning or arvo tea, where people can visit a few native gardens, speak to the owners and learn a few tips.

How to get in touch – be part of the beginning of our native gardener’s network

If you’d like to be part of our new native gardener’s network, please send us an email to ttmthawthorn@gmail.com –  we’d love to hear from you.

The City of Vincent can help you to change your verge to natives – FOR FREE!

They will dig up the lawn for you, apply high quality woodchips and give you 20 free native plants. Further information is available on the City of Vincent website, www.vincent.wa.gov.au/Services/Environment_Sustainability/Green_Initiatives/Adopt_a_Verge_program.

Let our native gardener’s network know if you would like help with planting, we may be able to find some keen volunteer planters!

Why go native?

We have a mix of local and WA natives in our garden. Purists go for 100% local natives but we just get too excited about the incredible diversity of natives in the whole of WA. We love native gardens because they:

  • provide habitat, food and shelter for local birds, native bees, butterflies and other wildlife (we like to show people our resident native bees!)
  • are adapted to the local soil types and climate, including drought conditions
  • require minimal watering, saving water and money
  • look great!

Do local native plants need water?

The following advice is provided by the Australian Native Nursery[1].

“Initially, yes you should water your new plants in well. For the first summer your new plants may have to be watered regularly, just keep your eye on the forecast and deep water once a week during long periods of low rainfall or high heat. Once established, they should be able to cope with just the local rainfall – just another great benefit of choosing a local native garden.”

Where can we buy local native plants?

It is best to plant natives in autumn or winter. Choose a nursery that is certified by the nursery industry association scheme Australia (NIASA), as they follow practices to ensure they do not spread Phythopthora dieback to your garden. Not all native nurseries are certified. Some certified native nurseries in Perth

Where can I find more information on growing WA native plants? Further information on growing local native plants is available from the Wildflower Society of Western Australia, the Master Gardeners at Kings Park – they provide free advice on native gardening, and the Florabase website.

Our Transition Town Mt Hawthorn website is still being developed. It will soon have further info about going native (and a whole heap of other info about growing veges, the urban chicken network, compost and sustainable living).

[1] Australian Native Nursery 2014, Do I need to water native plants? Cited at <www.australiannativenursery.com.au/2014/05/19/watering-native-plants/>
on 27 August 2014.

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