Year: 2014

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas

Blog by Lisa I’d like to share our sustainable gift ideas. They include fun ways to give time and experiences as alternatives to giving ‘stuff’. Do you have ideas to add? Did you use these ideas for your Christmas shopping? I’d love to hear how they were received and if you shared them with friends and family. How did this …

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TTMH at City of Vincent’s “Thank you” Sundowner

As a community group, we were fortunate to be invited to the City of Vincent’s (CoV) “Thank you” Sundowner. Held at the Vincent Administration Building, there were about 120 people from different community groups and council staff. CoV’s CEO Len Kosova gave a brief speech, followed by Mayor John Carey. Mayor Carey acknowledged the role …

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We decided to make a video

Well, actually, three videos. Or possibly four. Let me back track. A couple of meetings ago, Gabby and Lisa mentioned that they were going to visit some houses as part of Sustainable House Day, which is supported by the City of Vincent. I got excited and asked them approach the owners to see if they …

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Transforming my verge

My verge alternated between dry sandy desert (besides the few hardy weeds that manage to eke out an existence) in summer and a lush meadow of onion weed in winter. Fed up with the situation, I ordered a free load of mulch from MulchNet and they certainly delivered (both literally and figuratively).  I was very …

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More tips for July

The movie night was a big success. We had about 40 people attending, good conversations, excellent food,  and got to know each other a bit better. We’ll write a proper review and put some photos up too. Excellent experience in community building and lots of fun too. Today we would like to share some good …

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